Friday, February 3, 2023

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    Zoravar Sandhu, Preeti Rajak emerge on top in trap- HindiNewsWala

    Zoravar Singh Sandhu beat Olympic quota winner Bhowneesh Mendiratta 30-26 to top a strong trap field of 65 shooters in the National shotgun selection trials at the New Moti Bagh Gun Club in Patiala.

    After qualifying in the fifth place with 116, one point behind Lakshay Sheoran, Manavjit Singh Sandhu and Kynan Chenai, the 45-year-old Zoravar was quite sharp as he made it to the top four with the best score of 23 in the semifinals. Thereafter, in the medal round he was dominant.

    The young Shardul Vihan, who had topped qualification with 118, got eliminated in the semifinals.

    In women’s trap, 20-year-old Preeti Rajak beat Olympian Shagun Chowdhary 26-20 for the top spot in a field of 44 shooters.

    Both Preeti and Shagun had topped qualification with 107. Preeti sustained her good form into the semifinals and thereafter in the medal round. 

    Sabeera Harris, Bhavya Tripathi, Shreyasi Singh and Varsha Tomar were the others to make the semifinals.

    The trap shooters will have one more trial, before the skeet shooters step into competition.

    The results: Trap: Men: 1. Zoravar Singh Sandhu 30 (23) 116); 2. Bhowneesh Mendiratta 26 (22) 116; 3. Aryavansh Tyagi 20 (21) 116; 4. Lakshay Sheoran 12 (22) 117.

    Junior men: 1. Shardul Vihan 118; 2. Aryavansh Tyagi 116; 3. Bakhtyaruddin Malek 110.

    Women: 1. Preeti Rajak 26 (19) 107; 2. Shagun Chowdhary 20 (17) 107; 3. Manisha Keer 15 (19) 106; 4. Darshna Rathore 9 (14) 105.

    Junior women: 1. Preeti Rajak 107; 2. Bhavya Tripathi 106; 3. Darshna Rathore 105.

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