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This article was published more than 6 months ago. Some information may no longer be current.
Pluto’s influence on your birthday means you will be in an ultra serious frame of mind over the coming year. You won’t suffer fools and you won’t allow yourself to waste precious time. If something can be done now then do it now, don’t put it off.
Changes on the work front may not be to your liking but there is no way you can get away from them, so find ways to adapt instead. This particular change has been on the cards for quite some time. It’s not really a surprise.
You will get a dozen important tasks done and dusted today in the time it usually takes you to do two or three. Tomorrow you may need to take a well-earned rest but while you’re feeling this energetic you can and you must crack on.
The more you try to force someone to move in one direction the more they make a point of moving in the opposite direction. Can’t you take a hint? Let them do what they want to do while you look out for yourself. It’s not so hard.
Some people may be opposed to what you intend to do but don’t let that stop you. If you back down this time they will expect you to back down every time, so insist on following your star today and leave them behind in the dark.
You will be expected to make certain changes today and being the sort who hates being told what to do you will probably kick up a fuss. No matter. Sooner or later you will have to make those changes anyway, so you might as well make them now.
Get involved in some kind of social or community movement over the next few days. Not only will your efforts help other people but you will feel good about yourself in a way that has been lacking of late. It’s nice to be useful.
Today’s link between the sun and Pluto will inspire you to clear out what is cluttering up your life. That not only means material things but emotional things too. Certain feelings, and maybe certain people, need to be left behind while you move on.
No matter how busy you were last week you will be ten times busier over the next 24 hours as Pluto, your ruler, challenges you to be your best possible self. Be relentless in your pursuit of personal and professional excellence. Never stop striving.
The tougher the challenge the more you like it and that’s just as well, because over the next two or three days you will be pushed to your limits. Remember, it’s not about proving yourself to other people, it’s about knowing you did your very best.
Don’t worry too much if a friend seems to be avoiding you. It does not mean they no longer like you, it means they have other things on their mind, things that require their full attention. Give them the time and space they need.
Changes in your world over the next few days will take you by surprise, but looking back from later in the year you will realize you should have seen them coming. The good news is those changes will work out very much in your favor.
Today’s Sun-Pluto link will bring a sense of urgency to what you have to do, and because of that you will make significant progress, but don’t just throw yourself at your tasks and chores – always think before you act, if only for a few seconds.
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