World Senior Citizen Day 2022: From Significance, History to Celebrations

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World Senior Citizens Day 2022: Our grand parents form an integral part of the fabric of the society we live. Senior citizens come with wisdom and knowledge that is essential for progress. In a way to celebrate them, every year August 21 is commemorated as World Senior Citizen Day.  The day aims to appreciate our seniors, for their contribution and dedication in building this world we live in. Not only this, it also emphasises  over the duty of the younger generation as well as the government towards them, towards making a quality life for them. This years marks 32 years of senior citizen day.


World Senior Citizen Day was established by former President of United states, Ronald Reagan. He instituted the day after signing a Proclamation on August 19, 1988. Further on December 14, 1990, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) declared August 21 as World Senior Citizens Day.

In the proclamation Reagan had brought forth the achievements of older people in the community and how it is important to honour them. He also spoke about the need to heave gratitude towards them and how government must enable them live a life full of dignity and respect.


According to a report by United Nations, the elderly population in the world might potentially reach to over 1.5  billion by 2050. With this growing population of the senior citizens it is imperative to have a robust system in place that will support all their basic necessities and requirements.

Not all elderly are fortunate enough to be taken care of by their families. They also often fall victim to abuse of power by government authorities. Additionally, with age they also face health issues that makes it a task to navigate through daily routines. Therefore, the significance of the day is to reiterate the fact that we must look after our elders and help them live a life of comfort. It is important to identify crimes against them and eradicate it from roots.


After years of handwork and perseverance, elderly have valued experience that may help us navigate the challenges through life and in return all they ask for is care, affection and respect.  It does not require grand celebrations to mark this day, spending quality time with your grand parents, parents and elderly  is sufficient.

One can go out for the evening, watch old movies with them and indulge in fun conversations and listen to their stories.

NGOs, and old age homes have fun activities organized to make it a special memory for elderly. People also visit old age homes to spend quality time with the people and make charitable donations.


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