Why Parents Must Keep Mobile Phones At Safe Distance From Their Kids

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New Delhi: In a recent incident in Bareilly, a couple lost their 8-month-old child as their mobile phone, while put on charge, exploded. The phone was kept on the same cot where the child was sleeping. When the mobile phone exploded, the baby suffered grievous burn injuries and succumbed to them later. This jolting incident has again forced us to think whether parents should exercise caution while using mobile phones near their children, especially small kids such as babies, infants and toddlers.

There are many studies that say the electro-magnetic radiations emitting from the cell phones are not only dangerous for children but for adults too. However, special care should be taken while using mobile phones near very small babies as they are highly vulnerable to these radiations. Apart from that, the UV rays emitting from the phone screens, the risk of battery explosion, as was evident from the Bareilly incident, all these reasons are important to note for the safety of your children.



Long-term exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from devices like cell phones can be dangerous to humans. Babies are even more vulnerable to this danger due to anatomical and physiological differences. All cell-phones emit a type of EMF radiation called radiofrequency radiation, also sometimes referred to as microwave radiation. These radiations are harmful for all human beings but babies are at a greater risk from them. One reason is that they have thinner skulls. Furthermore, babies’ brains absorb radiation at a greater rate than adult brains, as shown in a 2008 study published in Physics in Medicine & Biology. That study found that the brain tissue of babies absorbed radiation at up to twice the rate of adult brains.


There is a large body of research on the impacts of blue light on humans, specifically on eye health, sleep, productivity, and behavior. The research suggests we should take caution when it comes to blue light, especially with children, who are more susceptible to blue light because the lens of a child’s eye doesn’t filter blue light as effectively as an adult lens. Research also reveals that children absorb 45% more toxic blue light through the retina than people 25 and older1 and children often hold digital devices closer to their faces potentially exposing them to 4x higher amount of blue light


There have been many cases of mobile phones exploding. The reasons that usually given are use of bad batteries and chargers or short circuits. However, there have also been cases where phones exploded without any warnings, one such case was a phone bursting while kept in a boy’s pocket. Hence, it is important to take these cases into consideration when around babies and children in order to prevent untoward incidents.

“I try to keep my child away from mobile phones. She is addicted to it like anything. Just a year and  a half old, she is used to watching youtube videos while eating, playing, etc, But I try to keep her away from phones as far as possible because my parents used to say that radiations are harmful to children,” says Nabeela Ata, mother of a one-year-old girl.

Hence, parents are responsible for safety of their children and as much as we are addicted to phones, our children need to be protected.

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