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    What’s The Worst Thing A Therapist Has Ever Said To You? Tell Us Your Experience.- HindiNewsWala

    Let’s be clear up front. Therapy is an important tool for dealing with mental health and other issues; it invites people to understand and identify their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, allowing personal growth and change.

    Therapists are healthcare providers that can shepherd you through this potentially life-changing process. (Check out Jonah Hill’s heartwarming documentary, Stutz, about his close and beneficial relationship with his therapist, which is on Netflix now.)

    However, therapy isn’t always easy, nor is it a straightforward process to find a therapist who takes your insurance (if you have any), is open to new patients, and is a good fit for you personally. Therapists also vary widely in their training, education, credentials, and approaches to treatment.

    The good news is that mental health treatment has been steadily on the rise, from 19.2% of people receiving treatment in 2019, according to the CDC, to 21.6% in 2021. In fact, Gen Z is more likely to receive treatment and report concerns compared to other generations.

    But sometimes, things don’t go smoothly. And even if therapy is helping, you may get suggestions or statements that don’t really land. You might feel like a therapist is judgmental, dismissive of things you’re concerned about, or offering questionable insights.

    Whether it’s a lack of professionalism, dishonesty, or simply a bad fit — we’d like to hear about the red flags you’ve experienced with a therapist.

    What was the worst thing a therapist has ever said to you? Share your story by filling out our form here, and we might use your responses for an upcoming story on BuzzFeed News.

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