Weight Gain Diet: Does Oats Lead to Weight Gain ? How Much Oats Should You Eat Everyday?

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Oats are the most popular breakfast for the people who wish to lose weight. As per science, oats have been defined to be eaten by those people who want to shed those extra weight. However, it is mistaken oats should be and can be eaten by everyone.

Oats are rich in soluble fibers which helps in managing cholesterol levels. They contains dietary fibres which makes it easy to digest. Oats are rich in macronutrients such as proteins, vitamin B, calcium, ron and among others. They are not only beneficial for stomach but also keeps your appetite full. Oats contains wide range of nutrients which makes them top the healthy foods chart.

Healthy Benefits of Oats:

Good for Stomach
Prevents Constipation
Rich in Antioxidants
Aids in Weight Loss
Manages Cholesterol Levels
Prevents Urinary Infections
Rich in vitamins
Control Blood Sugar Levels
Manages Appetite
Enhances Immunity

How do oats help in weight gain and How much you should have?

It is a misconception that oats can only be eaten if you want to lose weight. Oats can be help in both losing and gaining weight. However, it depends how you prepare them. For example if you are having them with fruits, water or minimal calories then you’ll lose weight. However, if you are having them with rich calorie intake foods, like chocolate chips, peanut butter, then you will definitely gain weight.

It is also essential to understand how much oats you should have everyday. On an average, 3 tablespoons of oats is a perfect amount for normal and healthy people. But, if you want to gain weight, then the amount will be bit higher, approximately more than 60 grams. Make sure you have oats early in the morning for breakfast or as the the last meal of the day.

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