Erin Moriarty Speaks Out Against 'Misogynistic Trolling' From Boys Fans Reacting to Her Appearance

Erin Moriarty, star of The Boys, has spoken out about feeling "silenced" and "dehumanized" in the aftermath of comments made about her physical appearance in Season 3.

The article, titled "#IStandWithStarlight? : The betrayal of Erin Moriarty by The Boys' fans," was published on Medium by a self-described "fan" of the series.

According to the author, the "majority of the audience will still fail to apply the lessons learned" throughout the show, which includes "how the toxicity of masculinity crushes and controls women."

Moriarty, 28, captioned a re-post of some snippets of the op-ed, "I am indeed silenced. I'm feeling dehumanized. I am completely paralyzed."

"I've put blood, sweat, and tears into this role," she continued (over & over & over again).

I've GROWN UP in this character's shoes (*emphasis on grown up — we change and evolve both mentally and physically).

Moriarty then expressed gratitude to the author, who goes by the handle @butcherscanary, and stated that the trolling "breaks my heart."

"I've opened up a vein for this role, and the misogynistic trolling is exactly what this role (Annie) would speak out against," she continued.