Vastu Tips For Kitchen: 7 Best Colour Combinations For Kitchen Because Happiness Can Come From Anywhere!

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Kitchen is the most important part and powerhouse of vibrant energy. Healthy and nutritious food is cooked here which disperses positive energy to the entire house. When kitchens are built as per vastu tips, this energy is suited best for the health of the family. So, whenever you build kitchen, then make sure you build it as per Vastu guidelines. These colours have the power to open your mind, lift up your mood and secures peace at home. So, here are 5 colours  to ensure positivity and happy space for you and your family.

5 Best Color Combination for Kitchen as per Vastu Shastra

Orange: Orange encourages positivity, relationships and great atmosphere at home. It is considered a-go-to-colour for your kitchen as it reflects power and courage. Make sure you combine this colour with the idea positioning of kitchen, which is south-east.

Green: Green symbolizes peace and harmony. It gives a perfect soothing vibe to your kitchen. The best part about this colour is that it gives reflection of nature, nature means peace and it will continue to secure a peaceful environment at home.

White: White symbolizes innocence and purity. If you want a light hearted colour in your kitchen, then what’s best then white. According to vastu shastra, painting the kitchen in white is more beneficial when its facing the northwest direction.

Yellow:  Yellow is one of the best colours as per vastu shastra. Yellow symbolizes freshness and a happy vibe that can cheer anyone. This colour stimulates happiness and warmth in your home.

Pink: Pink is the colour of love and creates a pure feeling in the kitchen of happy families. As per vastu, its the colour of strength and creates a more beautiful bond in the family.

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