Vastu Tips For Home Decoration: 6 Things That Can Destroy Peace And Happiness in Your House

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Vastu Tips For Home Decoration: Who doesn’t want to live in a stunning house with all sorts of amenities and striking decor? From going DIY to choosing the most expensive artefacts to adorn your abode, we have multiple options at our disposal to make a house the home of our dreams. Personalising your space is the key to happiness and peace in life. It can be done via paintings, photos, showpieces and basically anything that you think can provide an edge to your living space. But, not everything is meant to be kept in your house. It’s important to have proper knowledge about the things that you are not supposed to keep in your house as per Vastu.


Taj Mahal: Taj Mahal is one of the most precious monuments. It is considered a symbol of love but, it is actually a tomb that stands for death and lack of activeness. So avoid keeping anything that represents the Taj Mahal including the tiny figurines and paintings in your house.
The scenery of Mahabharat and Ramayana war: According to the Vastu, we should avoid using pictures or sceneries of war stories, as it makes contention among the family members. While there’s a lot to learn from the epic Mahabharata and Ramayana, we shouldn’t have any visual representation of anything that symbolises the destruction of that level.
Damaged/Unused clock: Time is essential and it makes us grow. Anything that symbolises resistance in this growth shouldn’t have any place in our house. Therefore, a broken clock or a watch that has been stopped shouldn’t be kept in the house. Either get it fixed or throw it out of our house!
Broken mirrors: You have to make sure that you are not placing a mirror in front of your bed. Our elders believe that if we put the broken mirror anywhere in the house then it will bring bad luck for seven years and makes your relationship weak among people.
Images of waterfall, rain, and ocean: Some experts advise that by adding these kinds of scenery to your bedroom, you can incur a financial loss and face the loss of opportunities. However, the best direction to place these kinds of images is the north direction of your room.
Pictures of animals: You should not decorate your home by placing animal photos, or statues such as owls, pigeons, snakes, and reptiles. According to the Vastu, placing portraits of these animals brings negativity all the time to your environment. Be mindful of that!

To make your place peaceful and to avoid a negative environment, an individual should follow these beliefs which definitely develop a healthy environment. However, the people should know the power of Vastu which is all about bringing in positive energy. Remember you have the power to make your environment positive with good thinking and good perspective. So, stay positive and think more about making your future look better!

— Written by Mayank Sharma

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