Vastu Tips: 3 Idols You Must Keep Around Your House For Good Luck And Prosperity

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Vastu Idols For Home: In order to create a positive environment, Vastu Shastra concepts are used in the majority of Indian homes today. Vastu Shastra advises paying attention to the appropriate direction when moving home things. As a result, the household becomes prosperous and new opportunities for earning money are opened up.  So, just what are these Vastu products that promote positive energy for your home’s interior that you can use? Vastu Shastra mentions some unique forms of idols for prosperity and happiness that, when brought into the home, influence the surroundings in a positive way.

Here Are a Few Idols You Can Place Around Your House For Luck:


Let us tell you that the elephant is regarded as a symbol of opulence in Vastu Shastra. Mata Lakshmi stays in the house by bringing it inside. Bring a silver or brass idol into the house if there is daily conflict in the home about money and the tranquillity of the house has been disturbed. This will also solve the Rahu dosha-related issue for the home.


The turtle should be kept in the east or north of the house after it is brought inside because it is believed to be associated with Lord Vishnu. Always keep in mind that every turtle idol you bring home needs to contain some metal. The home will experience serenity and prosperity as a result of this.


Keeping brass fish or silverfish within the home is advised as it brings home progress. Just remember to always keep the fish facing toward the northeast of the house when you bring it inside. As a result, the household will have a source of income and experience a significant rise in satisfaction.

Vaastu idols are a fantastic source of uplifting energy at your home!

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