Thick Curd: Best Ways to Make Gadhi Dahi| How to Make Thick Curd in Easy Steps at Home

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Thick Curd Recipe: A bowl of curd or dahi as it is popularly called in India is a part of at least one meal in most Indian households. It’s made of milk and is full of the richness of proteins and goodness of health. One bowl of curd in summer not only makes you feel fresh but also helps you fight the humidity and heat wave that is prevalent during the season. But, most people struggle to make a good, thick dahi.

While moms are usually experts in making thick curd with their experience over the years, our struggle is absolutely real. But, fret not! For all those, who come with absolutely no background in cooking and do not want to rely on the packaged curd available in the market, here’s a quick recipe to prepare thick curd or gadha dahi:

Ingredients to make thick curd at home: Full cream milk, starter dahi/ curd

Step-by-step recipe to make thick curd: Boil the milk in a big pan and let it cool down until it is left lukewarm. Pour it into a separate bowl and pour your starter dahi. Make sure the amount of dahi you are using to settle the milk is in the right proportion. For example, use one spoonful of starter curd for 1 litre of milk. Mix them well and cover the bowl properly with a lid. Keep it in a warm place. You can put it inside your microwave also or during winters, can wrap the bowl in a blanket to keep it warm. Let it set for at least 6-8 hours. Do not touch it or move the bowl before 6-8 hours. Pick the bowl and put it in the refrigerator for some time before scooping the curd out.


Use only lukewarm full cream milk. Do not mix curd into hot milk or cold milk, and if you want thick curd, only full-fat milk will help you with that.
Do not remove the lid or move the bowl before it settles down for 6-8 hours.

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