Tarot Card Prediction as Per Zodiac Signs From September 19-25: Financial Gains For Geminis, Leos Should Accept Change

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Tarot Card Prediction: We all wait to hear from the universe to show us a signal as a confirmation of our instincts. Ask the universe today for confirmation by showing you a bird, a symbol, a number or a sentence. But before that, let’s just read the Universal Guided message for the week.


Aries: It is necessary for you to let go of undesirable energies in order to bring balance. Have trust in yourself and allow energies to flow naturally to bring stability. Changes to income source and success at work are indicated.

Taurus: Pay attention to thoughts and let your ideas flow. You have the valour to make it happen, be focused and don’t let the concerns overcome your clear mindset. Being dedicated will bring about success with peace. Take care of emotional health.

Gemini: A lot of creativity and income are visible. As you bring about creative ideas, make sure you act on them too to succeed. Now is the time to leave the humdrum routine and find your feet to the new version of self.

Cancer: It’s time to just watch and let it happen. With delays, there will be the light of awareness and unexpected results. This too shall pass and bring about better energies as it will ward off the confusion and discard the unconstructive.

Leo: Enjoy the moment and don’t stress. A sudden surge of opportunities may require extended communications and a discharging of stereotypical thinking to enjoy the precious moments of life. Accept the change coming your way.

Virgo: Everything will fall in place automatically. Teamwork, travel, and new relationships are indicated. Chances of receiving rewards or recognition. Mental health needs attention for some. Release the stress to welcome new thoughts.

Libra: Success in your work with punctuality is indicated. Many may feel exhausted and stressed. Modifications in machinery work and its related items. Some may need to work hard to make others happy.

Scorpio: Pause for a moment and think about where the situation is leading you. Let go of the need to control the situation if it is making you feel under pressure. This change will help you understand the worth of yourself and others. Honour your true self.

Sagittarius: Micromanaging and sharing insights will surely lead you to a very adventurous journey in life. The surge in income is on the horizon. Break the mindset and take the leap if you are keen on progress.

Capricorn: Respect the situation. Your relations hold their importance. Spend time with yourself and be receptive. Those who feel exhausted this week, it’s time to heal your neuro system and that is clearly blocking your energies

Aquarius: Water bearer seems to be emotional but then you have the ability to take the right decisions too. You may have struggles but if you are sure of your path, success will follow you. Take calculative risks and be open to opportunities.

Pisces: Release yourself from the stubborn environment where you feel overburdened by sharing your thoughts with your near and dear ones, even those who are heartbroken or in pain. High chances of help from an external source.

— Inputs by Kinnari Raval, Victoria-based Tarot card reader and Psychic Medium

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