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    Spotify CEO Daniel Ek targets Apple for its App store policy on Twitter – HindiNewsWala

    A file photo of Daniel Ek, CEO of Spotify.

    A file photo of Daniel Ek, CEO of Spotify.
    | Photo Credit: Reuters

    Daniel Ek, founder, and CEO of Spotify, in a series of tweets, targeted Apple saying that the company gives itself every advantage “while stifling innovation” and hurting consumers.

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    He also claimed that Apple does not care about consumers, courts or the law, or of consumer choice.

    Ek, opened his attack with a reference to the 2019 antitrust complaint Spotify had filed against Apple in Europe.

    From there, he went on to share several tweets and articles from organisations and individuals detailing their views on Apple’s App store policies.

    Ek also referenced a 2021 tweet from the European Commission stating that their preliminary view was that Apple’s App store rules disadvantaged competing music streaming platforms.

    Spotify has, in the past, claimed that Apple routinely “rejected and delayed” upgrades to the Spotify app.

    The company has also raised concerns about that 30% fee, which it claims it will have to give Apple to offer subscriptions within its iOS app. This, it claims, will make it impossible to function given the small margins on which streaming music services operate.

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