Spilling of Milk Good or Bad: Is Dudh Ka Girna Really a Bad Omen? Here’s What We Know

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People all over the world believe in superstitions, especially Indians. Indians consider too much believe in superstitions, like crossing of cats, you should not cut nails in the night, someone should not call you from behind while you are leaving your house, breaking of glass or utensils are bad. Sometimes they are right but sometimes it should be ignored.

It happens with all of us, We have heard this superstition with spilled boiling milk, by our mothers or grandmothers, but is it even true? Lets find out. Sometimes, because of unfortunate circumstances we keep the milk for boiling and get involve with something else. By the time you are going to close the gas some milk has already spilled. Most people consider it a good omen while some consider it a bad omen too.

Let’s find out some superstitions with spilled boiling milk

When we do greh parvesh pooja then first thing we do is in gas stove to boil the milk and let it spill. As per vastu shastra if milk is spilled in east direction it is considered auspicious.
The milk flowed in east direction symbolizes peace, prosperity, luck and good health. So, it is considered auspicious.
It is also believed that spilling the milk in the east direction symbolizes an auspicious beginning in your home.
Spilling milk before or during or after the wedding day indicates misfortune. Also if  you are going out, spilled milk indicates a sign of pending misfortune.
Milk is the sign of prosperity and abundance. It signifies positivity, purity and prosperity, good luck and energy. So, if chance, milk is spilled by boiling it is considered a good omen.

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