Side-Effects of Makhana: Are Fox Nut Really Healthy? You May Get Allergy And Other Reactions, Read on

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Side-Effects of Makhana: Also known as lotus seed and fox nut, Makhana is a healthy snacking option we prefer in our daily lives. It tastes delicious, crunch, and is full of nutrients. Makhana is used in culinary preparation like kheer, raita, and gravy items in the kitchen. But we must say the roasted version of these tastes better! The health benefits of makhana are that it is gluten-free, has calcium, iron, fiber, protein, and is used in weight loss. Do you know fox nuts/makhana are a part of the lotus flower? Apart from the flower, the plant offers lotus seeds that are beaten to take out makhanas. It is highly produced in the state of Bihar in India, Korea, and Japan along with a few parts of eastern Russia. But like everything in the kitchen, makhana has its side effects too. Therefore it is said to eat in moderation.

Side Effects of Makhana/ Fox Nuts/ Lotus Seeds

Makhana seeds can invite allergies, gastrointestinal problems, and an increase in insulin levels
If consumed in access, it can lead to constipation and bloating
Pregnant women and diabetic people should consult their doctor before adding makhanas to their diet
Consult your physician if you are on some medications
If you feel uncomfortable, or show signs of allergy, immediately stop consuming and consult your doctor

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