Shradh 2022: 6 Tips to Seek Blessings From Ancestors During Pitru Paksha Puja

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Shradh 2022: We are connected to our ancestors (referred to as Pitri Dev) by the sacred thread of Karm. Scientifically speaking, the DNA (the genetic material) connects us to our ancestors, carrying it from one generation to another. Similarly, Karm also travels from one generation to other. As per principles of the Karm Positioning System of Zero Numerology, one must fulfil duties and responsibilities towards ancestors and pay due respect to them in all possible ways.

Although one must pay respect to ancestors every day with each breath, however, ‘Pitru Paksha’ is a sacred time to not miss this opportunity.

Pitru Paksha 2022: Muhurt and Belief:

The Pitru Paksha will start on September 10, 2022; and end on September 25, 2022, with Sarv Pitri Amavasya. It is believed that ancestors visit the Earth during this time to shower blessings on the family.

Pitru Paksha 2022: 6 Tips to Seek Blessings From Ancestors During Shradh Puja

Bring Home Pitri Yantra: One can bring Pitru Dosh Nivaran yantra and pray regularly with full belief and faith. While praying, one can chant Pitri Gayatri Mantra at least 108 times.
The Rule of 3: Chant Pitru Suktam daily thrice a day. The first in the morning, the second in the afternoon and the last in the evening. During each time, chant the Suktam at least 11 times, i.e., 33 times per day for the next 15 days. It is believed that it helps in seeking forgiveness for mistakes and blessings for self and family.
Light a Diya on Main Gate: As a regular practice for the next 2 weeks starting September 10. In the evening, light a Diya (ghee or sesame seed oil) on the main door of your house/apartment in such a manner that the wick of Diya and its light faces towards the south/southeast direction.
Affirmation and Healing Code: In modern times, many find difficulty in chanting Sanskrit mantra and Suktam, hence suggesting affirmation and healing code that works on the subconscious level and facilitates the person in seeking blessings from ancestors
Affirmation (Face south while speaking this):  “Hey Pitri Dev, I seek your forgiveness for any known or unknown mistake and Bless my family and me.” This affirmation one can do 11 times every day regularly. One can also inscribe “GV0797” on the left palm with the blue pen. This is a divine healing code which helps in ancestral healing.
Sound Therapy: Listen and/or meditate on 417 Hz and 777 Hz music for 22 mins (11 mins each) regularly and face towards the Northeast while meditating.
Donate: Donate at least 10% of yearly earnings to the social cause, especially for the cause of old age homes, shelter for a specially enabled person etc.

Furthermore, one must do Pind Daan, Shradh and Tarpan to please and seek the blessings of ancestors under the supervision of expert guidance only. Use the time period to give your life a new boost with the blessings of ancestors (Pitri Dev).

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