Red Hulk In The Age Of Apocalypse Is Unveiled By Marvel Strike Force At D23

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During today’s D23 Expo, Scopely unveiled a first-look trailer for Red Hulk in the Age of Apocalypse for Marvel Strike Force. There weren’t much information given about this other than the fact that we’d be seeing the character as played by “Thunderbolt” Ross as he battles one of the most potent mutants in the entire Marvel universe.

The developers also updated the game, adding Mister Negative and giving the character a few improvements that you might want to take note of, along with the trailer you can see below. There is no information on when Red Hulk will be added, however Mister Negative is covered in greater detail below.

Mister Negative Update for Marvel Strike Force

Today, we’re happy to announce the birth of a big nasty new team: Underworld! S.T.R.I.K.E’s criminal masterminds and their hired goons have been impatiently awaiting their day in the spotlight. Mister Negative, a newbie to S.T.R.I.K.E, will serve as the leader of this band of villains, with Kingpin, Nobu, Green Goblin, and Taskmaster serving as the other partners. The Underworld team’s specialty will be hostile takeovers of opposing Helicarriers and chopping up some of the best Defenses. While crime still doesn’t pay, its abilities are transferable. The ability and stat upgrades for experienced characters are detailed in our upcoming Version 6.4 Release Notes, which is scheduled for release on September 13 PDT, but for now, let’s look at the opposing information about the antagonist, Mister Negative.

red hulk

The man who would become Mister Negative was a member of a gang involved in human trafficking operations, his true identity unknown. After the cargo ship he was on ran aground off the coast of the United States, the man adopted the surname of a passenger who died on the voyage: Martin Li. However, this new “Martin Li” was quickly apprehended by a gang developing a designer drug known as “D-Lite” and used as one of many unwilling test subjects. Li and two other runaway teens, Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen, survived the test and gained superhuman abilities as a result. The drug also gave Li two distinct identities within the same body: the good-hearted Martin Li persona and the evil Mister Negative persona.


While Martin Li uses his wealth to help those in need, Mister Negative leads a criminal empire using extradimensional energy powers. Mister Negative has control over the Darkforce and Lightforce, and this energy can be used to imbue objects with the Darkforce’s power and corrupt individuals, changing their personalities and temperaments to serve Mister Negative’s interests.


Mister Negative is an Underworld Controller, and his Health, Focus, and Resistance stats will all be in the top 20 when he is released. He is the team’s lynchpin, allowing them to thrive in Alliance War. In War, he uses Trauma and clears Revive Once and Charged, and his Basic and Ultimate Abilities flip enemy positive effects. His summoned minions (via his Passive Ability) each apply a specific negative effect with their attack and clear the negative effects of his Underworld allies upon their death.

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