Pigeon Nest in House: Auspicious or Not? Is it a Good Sign if Pigeon Makes a Nest in Your House? Expert Speaks!

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Who doesn’t like to feed pigeons early in the morning? Infact all enjoy feeding birds.  But when this pigeon builds a nest within the house, it starts irritating you. You’ve probably observed a lot of individuals removing bird nests that have been built close to their homes because the house becomes too dirty. Not only this, but it is also widely believed that having them brings bad luck in the house. But is it actually true? Hence to provide you with the answer, Kalpesh Shah, founder and CEO of MyPandit, has provided the answer in accordance with the Vastu Shastra. Let’s have a look at it:


As per Vastu Shastra, making a bird’s nest is considered very auspicious and lucky. So it is suggested that you should never destroy any nest. Since their arrival implies an improvement in life’s fortune. Furthermore, it is stated that the sparrow nest, in particular, may erase 10 different kinds of Vastu flaws.

And as many of you might be aware that all of the deities of Sanatan Dharma have birds as their vehicles. Examples like the peacock for Lord Kartikeya, the swan for Goddess Saraswati, the garuda for Vishnu, the crow for Shani Dev, the owl for Mother Lakshmi, and many more. Due to this reason, they are also worshiped alongside gods and goddesses.

It is generally seen that sparrows or pigeons frequently build their nests inside houses. Pigeons are regarded to be worshippers of the goddess Lakshmi in accordance with religious beliefs. As the pigeons come home, it is said that it turns bad luck into good luck. The home in which they live is always filled with joy and harmony. Hence, it is advised that their nest should never be destroyed. However, you can replace the best instead of destroying it. It is also suggested to feed pigeons every day as it also brings prosperity and peace to your home.

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