Peppers, Yoghurt And Other Food Items You Should Add in Your Diet To Boost Immunity

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Immunity is something that your body should always consider. If you have strong immunity, your body has the power to fight against any illness and diseases. Your body needs protection and the natural way of getting it is by eating the right foods. Incorporating certain foods into the diet helps in strengthening the immune system.  Nutritionist, Sonia Bakshi recommended these 7 Immune-Boosting foods that can actually fight diseases and support a healthy life.

7 Immune-Boosting Foods That You Should Add in Your Diet Now

Ginger: It contains gingerol, antioxidants, and has anti-inflammatory properties which helps in fighting infections. It is quite helpful in fighting viruses and bacteria by ensuring the better circulation of oxygen within our system. Add ginger to your veggies, soups and salad dressings.
Yoghurt: It offers you an optimum dose of probiotics to promote digestive health and well-being. Have it by itself or add it to your daily smoothie or make dips with it to have with salads.
Garlic: It adds a little zing to food and it’s a must-have for good health. Other than adding it to your daily veggies, blend it with fresh herbs to prepare salad dressing or add them to salads, soups, or rice.
Citrus fruits: They are full of vitamin C which fights cold and flu naturally. Enjoy citrus fruits as a snack.
Peppers: Especially cayenne peppers, It is rich in immune boosting nutrients and antioxidants. It helps relieve the symptoms of asthma and is a staple for boosting your health and immunity.
Add small amounts of cayenne peppers to curries, stir-fry veggies, soups and stews.
Green tea: It is rich in polyphenols. A cup full of green tea provides anti-inflammatory and anti- carcinogenic effects. Add few drops of lemon juice and a dash of honey to enhance the flavor.
Mushrooms: It is an amazing food item available in plenty and has a significant effect on the immune system, especially on natural killer cells that help fight bacteria, viruses, and cancerous cells better. It is also rich in vitamin D, selenium, and B-vitamins that are essential for a healthy immune system.

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