Lady Gaga tearful apology for the cancellation of her Miami concert.

Lady Gaga Miami concert
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Lady Gaga apologized to her fans on social media after her concert at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium was postponed last weekend.

The superstar explained why the show ended almost in the middle of it on her Instagram channel, saying she wanted to put safety above all else.

Through tears, Gaga said, “We really tried to finish the show tonight in Miami, but we couldn’t. Even when the rain sort of stopped, there was lightning that was striking right down to the ground, so close to us. “Although I’ve always wanted to be a hard-core badass, I really want to be a loving and caring person.

When the weekend storm passed, stadium officials tweeted that the singer would resume her performance as soon as she was able to. However, officials later tweeted that the show had been canceled.

The Lady Gaga show for tonight had to be interrupted at 10:50 p.m. due to bad weather, which included lighting, for the sake of fan safety.

The Chromatica Ball tour’s final performance took place in Miami.

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