How to Stop Overeating at Night? 3 Tips to Control Your Eating Disorder During Dinner Via Experts

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Overeating At Dinner: Common bad habits that might be challenging to stop include eating too much at once or consuming too many calories during the day. Eating too much food can cause weight gain over time and raise your risk of getting a chronic illness like diabetes or heart disease. For a variety of causes, people overeat. Some people overeat when they’re anxious, while others overeat because they don’t have a plan or they’re bored. When preparing our daily diet, nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee gave us a few pointers to keep in mind.

Signs to Watch Out For Overeating:

Eating past the point of fullness
Eating for purposes other than sustaining life
Mindlessly consuming food as a result of boredom or distraction
Feeling sensations like nausea, abdominal pain, gas, bloating, or heartburn after a meal.

Anjali Mukerjee says, “If you don’t eat enough during the day, you are going to feel extra hungry at dinnertime. Eating at regular intervals is recommended not only to keep overeating and weight gain at bay but also to ensure a balanced intake of essential nutrients. Focus on eating 5 – 6 mini meals a day instead of one or two large meals.”

Avoid Overeating at Dinner


Start Your Day With Protein Rich Breakfast

Eat at Regular Intervals, Adding Protein to Every Meal

Choose to Eat 5-6 Mini Meals Instead of 3 Big Meals

Nutritionist further reveals mini-meals that can be incorporated into your diet like dry fruits, fresh fruits or vegetable juices Check the full list below:

Cucumber juice
Tomato juice
Carrot juice (mixed with mint or coriander leaves)
Whole grain salad sandwich
Bran chapattis with vegetables
Grilled chicken
Grilled fish
Boiled eggs
Whole grain biscuits

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