Friday, February 3, 2023

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    How To Recreate Jenna Ortega’s ‘Wednesday’ Makeup, According To Her Makeup Artist- HindiNewsWala

    As an aged baby goth with a soft spot for all things dark and moody, you better believed I binge-watched Netflix’s “Wednesday” the weekend it was released. I had high hopes for the series and it exceeded them on all fronts. The visual aesthetics added to the overall ambiance and vibe, making it easy to slip into the world of “Wednesday” with ease — and a large part of that had to do with the beauty and styling

    Like everyone else on the internet, I was desperate to recreate actor Jenna Ortega’s balmy deep plum Wednesday Addams lip — but, frankly, was just as keen to find out what makeup products all the leading ladies were sporting. The looks are as versatile as they are beautiful and evocative of each of the characters (and they also happen to be perfect for the holiday season and beyond).

    Wednesday’s beauty look is trending on TikTok and elsewhere on the world wide web, but other characters like Morticia, Bianca, Miss Weems and Enid also sport enviable makeup. An Instagram reel from beauty expert Cat Quinn led me to Tara McDonald, the makeup artist behind “Wednesday,” who generously spilled her on-set beauty secrets. 

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