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How to prevent breast cancer?

How to prevent breast cancer?

The breast is made up of fatty tissue. They contain small chambers called lobules where breast milk is made. The milk travels through tiny channels called Ducts to reach the nipples. Lymph nodes are located inside your breast and under your arms, they are connected by lymph vessels and help your body to fight against disease. Breast cancer is the most common cancer worldwide. Just like cancer results from DNA mutations. They instruct your cells to grow out control.

In this case, it targets cells in the breast tissue. Breast cancer that develops inside the milk duct is called Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS). When ductal carcinoma in situ spreads into in the surrounding tissue it is called invasive ductal carcinoma (IDC). Abnormal cells can develop in the lobules of the breast, they are called Lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS). When these cells spread into surrounding tissues they became cancerous called invasive lobular carcinoma.

The chance of getting breast cancer rises as a woman gets older. Breast cancer is a cancer that starts in breast tissue. It happens when cells in the breast change and grow out of control. The cells usually form a tumor. Sometimes the cancer does not spread any further. This is called in situ. If the cancer spreads outside the breast, the cancer is called invasive. It may just spread to nearby tissues and lymph nodes. Or the cancer may metastasize that is spread to other parts of the body through the lymph system or the blood. 

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There are different types of breast cancer. The types are based on which breast cells turn into cancer. The types include-

  1. Ductal carcinoma, which begins in the cells of the ducts. This is the most common type.
  2. Lobular carcinoma, which begins in the lobules. It is more often found in both breast than other types of breast cancer.
  3. Inflammatory breast cancer, in which cancer cells block lymph vessels in the skin of the breast. The breast becomes warm, red and swollen. This is a very rare type. 
  4. Paget’s disease of the breast, which is a cancer involving the skin of the nipple. It usually also affects the darker skin around the nipple. It is also rare.

Prevention of breast cancer-

  • All of the studies have shown that diets high in fruits and vegetables are healthy overall of course and they do decrease risk of breast cancer. 
  • Food that you can consume to decrease the risk of breast cancer is soy, it has definitely been shown to decrease the risk of getting breast cancer and increasing survival rate if you are diagnosed with breast cancer. In fact studies show that half a cup of soy milk a day can decrease the risk of breast cancer by 30%.
  • Exercise is one of the best ways that can lower the risk  of occurrence of breast cancer.
  • Minimize consumption of alcohol. Avoid all the tobacco products and intake of drugs in order to prevent breast cancer.
  • Limit your time sitting. Women who sit all day have a higher risk of breast cancer and this is regardless of the time they spent excersicing. Meaning that no matter how much time you spend at the gym, sitting too long can increase your risk of breast cancer so reduce your sitting time in order to prevent cancer.
  • Hit the snooze button but not too much. Melatonin and cortisol are both important hormone in fighting cancer as well as keeping your immune system strong. The problem is that light exposure at night will lower your melatonin levels, this weaknes your immune system and prevents your body from effectively dealing with stress. Its also suggested that lack of sleep is linked to more aggressive type of cancer. So the next time you hit your snooze button try not to feel guilty about it. 
  • Cut back on your drinking. Even in slight increase in drinking can have a significant effect on your risk for developing breast cancer. 
  • Spend time outside everyday is a must. Fresh air is a must. Atleast 5-6 hours a week outdorrs. It will make a significant contribution to your lifestyle and reduce risk for breast cancer.
  • Sweet potato is the anti cancer food. Sweet potatoes are an especially rich source. Women with higher levels of carotenoids are known to have lower rates and chances of having breast cancer. 
  • Increase usage of turmeric. Turmeric has curcumin and has been clinically proven to inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells and in fact research has suggest that turmeric has stopped precancerous cells from becoming malignant .
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