Horoscope Today, September 14, Wednesday: Capricorns Must Worship Goddess Durga, Leos Should Respect Elders

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Horoscope Today, September 14, Wednesday: A little sneak peek at how your day will go does no harm. Want to know what’s going to work in your favour? Read astrological predictions by Jyotish Guru Shiromani Sachin

Aries- Postpone the journey. Don’t get into any controversy. Things will be better by evening.

Lucky color- sky blue

Taurus- Marital life will be better. Should go for a walk. The job will see progress.

Lucky color- carrot

Gemini- Your family will support you. All the troubles will go away. Profit in business is anticipated.

Lucky color- green

Cancer- New work will start soon. Get tasks done on time. Help others.

Lucky color- red

Leo- Respect your elders. Separation from spouse will end. Head injury may occur.

Lucky color- yellow

Virgo- Students must focus on their studies. New opportunities might be missed. Profit in business is predicted.

Lucky color- saffron

Libra- You will get respect from your life partner. Do not abandon your loved ones. Don’t stay up till late at night.

Lucky color- pink

Scorpio- Do not invest money in business. The headache will be there all day. Might go on a long journey.

Lucky color- maroon

Sagittarius- There is a chance of promotion in the job. Good news will be received in the afternoon. Don’t lend money to anyone.

Lucky color- red

Capricorn- Stress can increase. Don’t argue with anyone. Worship Goddess Durga.

Lucky color- green

Aquarius- Will progress in the job. Avoid arguments in the family. Do yoga in the morning.

Lucky color- ocher

Pisces- Businessmen will benefit. Students will get new opportunities. Don’t change jobs.

Lucky color- golden

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