Monday, January 30, 2023

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    Here’s Why “Thanks Pfizer” Videos Are All Over Your Timeline- HindiNewsWala

    This week, videos showing people experiencing body tremors and other neurological symptoms after reportedly receiving a COVID vaccine have again gone viral, garnering millions of views and triggering a torrent of jokes and “Thanks Pfizer” videos poking fun at them.

    The pandemic is entering its third year with more than 1 million COVID deaths in the US and baseless vaccine hesitancy continues to prevent people around the world from rolling up their sleeves. 

    Many questions about rare serious reactions post vaccination remain unanswered, particularly whether the shots are directly responsible. But the large majority of health experts agree that the COVID vaccines are safe and effective, saving millions of lives and keeping millions more out of the hospital.  

    The phrase “thanks pfizer” has been trending on Twitter as users make fun of those claiming to be injured by the COVID vaccines, likening their tremors to a scene from The Office, Taylor Swift’s quirky choreography in her “Delicate” music video, and Elvis’s famous wiggly moves

    A TikTok inspired by the viral vaccine videos shows 25-year-old Zsasha struggling to walk with body tremors until her shaky movements morph into the robot dance: “URGENT: I am now a prisoner in my own body. I was forced to get the mandated COVID-19 vaccine. I suffer every single day,” the text on the video reads. 

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