Hair Care: What is Hair Dusting And Efficient Techniques? Shahnaz Husain Explains

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Hair Dusting Techniques: Long hair is in, which means keeping the hair long and not trimming it. Damaged ends, however, might require cutting. Split ends and how to get rid of them without losing length may be on your mind. Split ends are typically treated by cutting the ends. To stop the split from moving up the hair shaft, split ends need to be treated right away. But how will the hair grow if they are chopped every 4 to 6 weeks?


But thanks to a new method called dusting, it is now possible to eliminate splits without reducing the length. A hairdresser could be reluctant to perform the lengthy treatment and inconvenience other clients. Customers might insist on it now that it has gained popularity. Instead of cutting off ends, the hairstylist cuts a split that has progressed up a hair shaft. The hair looks sleeker and blends better with the rest of the hair. The hair dusting technique is seen to be beneficial for the hair by many hairstylists.


It is not an easy technique and needs practice. Some wrap the hair around their fingers and cut off the hair that sticks out. Smoothing treatments are given before dusting, to straighten the hair and help splits stand out. These are then cut. The hairstylist parts the hair in sections. Three sections are put up with hair clips and one section at a time is dusted. The procedure should be done by a trained and experienced person. The texture of the hair also matters.

If the hair is fine, it tends to have more split ends and needs frequent hair dusting.
Thick, coarse hair may not need frequent dusting.
Rough, curly hair makes dusting more difficult.

It is also necessary to follow a nutritious diet and healthy lifestyle to enhance hair growth, to maintain the length of the hair. Certain foods help hair growth.

Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids, protein and Vitamin D, which help to promote hair growth.
Eggs provide us with many nutrients, including biotin, a vitamin which promotes hair growth. Egg yolk is also needed for biotin to be absorbed.
Seeds and nuts, like sunflower seeds, almonds and walnuts are also essential. Almonds contain biotin.
Avocado is a fruit which also helps healthy hair growth, due to its high essential fatty acids. In fact, the avocado pulp can be mixed with yoghurt and applied to the hair like a pack.

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