Ganesh Chaturthi 2022: 5 Delectable Bhog Prasad to Offer Ganpati Bappa to Please Him

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Ganesh Chaturthi 2022: One of the most extensively observed festivities in India is Lord Ganesha’s festival. The festival has immense popularity in Maharashtra and Karnataka. Devotees sing hymns, present flowers, and offer prasad in the Lord’s honour during the course of the next ten days. Given how much Lord Ganesha enjoys sweets, it is difficult to imagine this occasion without the delectable Modak. However, there are a number of other customary delicacies that are made at home and served to Bappa as a bhog.

Why is Prasad or Bhog Offered to Deity Before?

Prasad or the Bhog is first presented to God, without eating it first as that would be considered sinful. The devotees must share it with friends and family after it has been offered to God so that everyone can indulge in a wonderful bite.

Let’s look at some of the most well-known treats made for Ganesh Chaturthi:

1. Modak

Lord Ganesha loves modak, therefore it seems sensible that one of his names is Modakpriya. During the Puja, this sweet and packed dumpling is presented to the deity as Naivedyam. Rice flour and a sweet coconut-jaggery filling are used to make modak.

2. Ladoo

The sweet and delectable flavour of motichoor laddoo appeals to Lord Ganesha. On practically all festive occasions, this delicious delicacy is served as Bhog to various Gods. The mouth-melting Motichoor Laddoo can satiate your taste buds.

3. Basundi

During the pooja, basundi is prepared as a Bhog to be offered to Lord Ganesha. To prepare this delectable Basundi, simply take a pan and add full-fat milk. While stirring, add powdered sugar, saffron threads, cardamom powder, and a ton of dry fruits and nuts. Cook for one minute.

4. Satori

During Ganesh Chaturti, many people prepare this Maharashtrian meal. Khoya, milk, Ghee, and Besan are used to make this sweet and flatbread. Satori is a luscious treat with a unique texture and mouthwatering flavour. Try making this dish at home and serve it to Lord Ganesha on the occasion of the festival.

5. Kheer

Kheer is a well-known dessert that is made in practically every home to honour significant holidays and occasions. This delectable delicacy is provided as a birthday gift for Bappa. You can enjoy trying Makhane Kheer and Modak Kheer, among others.

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