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    Elon Musk says he will run Twitter for “some time” until it is strong- HindiNewsWala

    File photo of Elon Musk’s Twitter account

    File photo of Elon Musk’s Twitter account
    | Photo Credit: Reuters

    Twitter CEO Elon Musk on Thursday corrected claims that he was looking for someone to replace him at the social media company he recently took over after a $44 billion deal.

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    Attributing the information to the Wall Street Journal, a Twitter account reported that Musk planned to find someone to “replace him as acting CEO of Twitter.” The account which reported the news, Stock Talk Weekly, was only verified because it had subscribed to Twitter Blue.

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    Another user corrected the original poster, and said that Musk only planned to find a replacement later on. The Tesla CEO and billionaire replied, agreeing with the statement.

    “Correct. I will continue to run Twitter until it is in a strong place, which will take some time,” he tweeted on Thursday.

    Musk’s takeover of Twitter was followed by him firing half of the company’s workforce. He then introduced the revamped Twitter Blue subscription service which offered a controversial verification checkmark for nearly $8 a month.

    As impersonation and false news went viral on the platform, Musk pulled back the feature. He said it would be relaunched on November 29, after making it “rock solid.”

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