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    Carson Daly and Blake Shelton share story behind new game show ‘Barmageddon’- HindiNewsWala

    “Barmageddon” is coming!

    Longtime friends and co-stars of “The Voice” Carson Daly and Blake Shelton have a new game show on the way, and they’re the stars and executive producers of the bar-focused bash.

    Just days before the series is set to premiere, the duo gave TODAY the story behind their endeavor — and they revealed who came up with the bright idea to make the show. Sort of.

    “The whole show was my idea,” Carson said.

    But according to Shelton, there’s some debate about that.

    “No,” he countered. “What I remember is coming up with the concept and the games.”

    The truth lies somewhere in between.

    “We started talking about bar Olympics,” Carson recalled of the show’s origins. “I used to go with my friends, used to always play bar Olympics. We’d come to a fun bar, like Ole Red in Nashville, with darts.”

    Ole Red is Shelton’s own bar, and it serves as the setting for “Barmageddon.” But the bar games featured on the show won’t be the typical darts players are used to. The pals knew from their earliest talks about the project that they’d to raise the bar.

    “What if we did that kind of thing, but it was like over the top and just a lot talking smack and just drinking and having fun?” Carson said of their discussions. “Like real escapism, good old fashioned American fun. (Blake) was like, ‘I’d love to do that.’”

    Especially since they can enlist the help of their famous friends to play along.

    As Shelton put it, “When you put drinking games and famous people together, it’s ‘Barmageddon.'” 

    Carson summed up the show, which is set to include outlandish tasks like drunken axe hole and keg curling, as “adult spring break fun in Nashville.”

    WWE hall of famer Nikki Bella serves as host on the series, and some of the early guests lined up to give the games a go include Shelton’s wife, Gwen Stefani, and singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow.

    “Barmageddon” premieres Monday, Nov. 5 at 11 p.m. ET on NBC’s sister network, USA.

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