Botox Treatment: 8 Old Myths About Popular Cosmetic Treatment You Must Stop Believing Right Away

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Botox Treatment: An injection of Botox causes the muscle to relax since it is a natural, pure protein. The face’s muscles that frown, knit their brows, or wrinkle their skin are the ones that are targeted by relaxation, which reduces wrinkles and removes the remaining ones. got in touch with Dr Akanksha Singh, Senior Cosmetologist, Anti Ageing & Injectable expert at Sens Anti Ageing Clinic about the myths associated with the botox treatment. She highlighted that only trained, licensed medical personnel are permitted to give this therapy. The effect lasts 4 to 6 months before the line begins to gradually emerge. With more treatments, the effect often lasts longer.

Why is botox treatment gaining popularity?

Botox treatment promises a youthful skin
Botox treatment makes your skin refreshed
Botox treatment helps prevent wrinkle delay

Consumers have been drawn to Botox procedures as aesthetic offerings for a long time. More people are concentrating on preserving their young as a result of changes in lifestyle, approach to wellness, and approach to beauty. Even though this procedure is widely accepted, a sizable portion of consumers rejects its advantages.


1. Botox And Fillers Are Unbearably Painful – There will always be some discomfort when having cosmetic injections, but it is by no means unbearable. Many compare the sensation of Botox injections to that of a mosquito bite, not excruciating by any stretch. Fillers can be a little uncomfortable, but the majority contain the numbing agent lidocaine to minimize discomfort.

2. Botox Only Works For Facial Wrinkles – Botox has a vast range of applications apart from smoothing out lines and wrinkles. It relieves migraines, neck and back pain, facial twitches, jaw joint pain, excessive sweating, and even depression.

3. Side Effects of Botox – It is believed that should you start with Botox treatments and dermal fillers, your skin will start sagging and wrinkling more than ever before if you stop the treatments. When the effects of Botox and fillers wear off, the skin will look exactly like it did before the treatment, without deterioration.

4. Only Women Get Botox – The number of men requesting this service is increasing drastically. Men too want to freeze their youth, and it’s a misconception that this treatment is necessary and undergone only by women.

5. Face Cream Can do The Same Job as Botox – The thought of just applying a cream instead of having an injection is comforting to some. A good skincare routine is essential but botox results cannot be achieved by just a cream.

6. Botox Won’t Look Natural – Anytime you see someone with lips or cheeks that don’t look natural it is usually because they have put too much filler on their face or from a cheaper source. Not skimping on such treatments and getting them done from a trusted source is significant.

7. Botox is Addictive – There is no drug within the injections that is addictive to patients, so this cannot happen. The feeling of wanting to look young can be addictive which with the right practitioner, will be monitored and never overdone.

What are your thoughts on botox treatment?

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