Bone Cancer Symptoms: 10 Risk Factors to Look Out For

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Bone Cancer Signs And Symptoms: One of the most common types of cancer is Bone cancer. It happens when unusual cells grow out of control in your bone. It normally affects the pelvis or long bones in the arms and legs. The majority of people having cancers in their bones develop it from secondary spread of another cancer in the body. In the below article, we tell you about the symptoms of bone cancer. Read on to know more about it, and consult the doctor on an immediate basis, if you notice these symptoms.

10 Warning Signs of Bone Cancer That You Should Not IGNORE:

 Pain and swelling: Constant pain and swelling can be worrisome for you. It can steal your peace of mind. There can also be dull pain and wake you up at night.
 Weight loss: Sudden weight loss can indicate that there is some problem with you.
Fatigue: Are you feeling fatigued all the time? Feeling sick all the time? Are you unable to do the daily chores with ease? Then, just try to get your complete health check-up done. As fatigue can also be a sign of bone cancer.
 Limping: If you are limping then get yourself examined for bone cancer. Limping is one of the prominent symptoms of bone cancer.
 Night sweats: If you profusely sweat during the night then it is time to update the doctor regarding your health and seek timely intervention as it can be bone cancer.
 Inability to move: Have you become immobile? Unable to walk or even sit? Then inform the doctor for further evaluation.
 Fever: Fever may be a presenting symptom . Persistent fever along with above mentioned symptoms should make us alert.
 A noticeable lump over a bone: Is also one of the symptoms of bone cancer.
 A weak bone that breaks (fractures) easily can also suggest bone cancer.
Joint stiffness: Is there joint stiffness? Do you find it tough to do your daily activities with ease? Then, address the joint pain on an immediate basis. It is a symptom of bone cancer.

(With inputs from Dr Suhas Aagre, Oncologist and Hemato-Oncologist at ACI Cumballa Hill hospital / Cancer One Clinic, Chembur)

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