Black Rice Benefits: Preventing Diabetes Risk to Managing Cholesterol levels And Much More!

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Health Benefits of Black Rice: Black rice is a type of rice grown in very limited countries and is commonly referred to as forbidden rice. Why is it called forbidden because earlier it used to be cultivated only for elite classes in limited quantities. But now its been grown in India for centuries in North East region and Southern Parts of India. However, black rice is loaded with lots of benefits and hence a good source for vegetarians. Here are few incredible benefits of forbidden rice aka black rice listed below.

5 Surprising Benefits of Black Rice That You Should Know

1. Prevents The Risk of Diabetes: Black rice is rich in fibre which helps in maintaining consistent sugar levels. To ward of the risk of diabetes, it would be great if you add black rice in your diet now.

2. Improves Heart Health: Black rice is known for having positive impact on heart health. It also aids in reducing LDL which is also called the bad cholesterol and a common cause behind cardiovascular diseases. Thus, it has been proven to maintain good heart health.

3. Good Source of Fibre: As already mentioned, black rice is a good source of fibre which aids in bowel movements, prevents constipation, bloating and diarrhea. It also gives your body satiated feeling which prevents you from binging fatty foods and helps in weight loss.

4. Improves Liver Health: Fat accumulation in the liver leads to fatty liver disease. The antioxidants in black rice benefits the liver by the reducing the fat and restoring the normal functions of the liver.

5. Beneficial For Eyes: Vitamin E and Carotenoids in black rice benefits eye health. It is also beneficial for aged people as it prevents certain eye problems that can lead to blindness. Black rice also reduces the impact of UV radiation on the eyes.

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