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Bigg Boss OTT 2: Urfi Javed said that Manisha Rani does not set fire among people

Urfi Javed praises Manisha rani: Urfi Javed showed his support to Abhishek Malhan, Elvish Yadav and Manisha Rani as soon as they entered the house of Bigg Boss OTT 2. Urfi said that Manisha Rani does not set fire to the house.


Manisha Rani is very much liked outside in the house of Bigg Boss OTT 2. His entertainment and bubbly style is very much liked by the audience of the show. However, on one of the weekends in the show, she was told that she sets fire among people and instigates Abhishek Malhan to fight with others. The family members had made many such allegations against Manisha Rani. After which he was also seen crying. However, contrary to all this, Urfi Javed has come inside the house and praised Manisha Rani fiercely.

In fact, Abhishek Malhan asked Urfi Javed whether Manisha Rani sets fire among people in the house. To which Babika Dharve said in the middle that yes she sets fire. But Urfi Javed said that I do not think that Manisha Rani sets fire. Urfi told Babika that fire starts where there is spark. If you do something, there will be a fire. Because it is said that clapping cannot be done with one hand.

Apart from this, Urfi Javed praised Abhishek Malhan and Elvish Yadav. Urfi said that Elvish Yadav is the salt of Bigg Boss house. Also said that if she will make a dress for Abhishek Malhan, then with razor because he has the courage to speak clearly and straight. Abhishek is the only person in this whole house who can even tell Pooja Bhatt that you are wrong.

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