Tuesday, January 31, 2023

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    10 Tips For A Healthier New Year From Doctors On Twitter- HindiNewsWala

    If you are looking for easy ways to have better physical and mental well-being this year, doctors probably know a thing or two about the subject. That’s why emergency physician Adaira Landry posted on Twitter asking other health professionals for tips to help people have a healthier new year.

    The Twitter post reached 1.4 million views, with over 700 doctors on the thread sharing tips from medical specialties to promote wellness, reduce the risk of chronic diseases, and provide guardians with advice for infant care.

    Landry said: “Question for #medtwitter: what is a tip related to your specialty that can help people have a healthier 2023? Landry’s tip was “never drive while intoxicated,” which we can all agree is good advice.

    One user responded, “Great [thread]. Thank you! Takeaways: don’t smoke, eat more fiber, be social, vaccinate vaccinate vaccinate, seatbelts, be there for those you love with no judgment, mammogram, no web md-ing, and stay off the ladders!”

    Here are some other great tips from doctors on how to live healthier in 2023.

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